Emed Ultrasound has developed a broad range of modular courses in clinical ultrasound that respond to the increasing demand for more sophisticated training in focused clinical ultrasound, aimed specifically at those clinical specialties involved in acute patient care. These courses can be run as described or using the structure and content of these courses we can develop a specific programme to meet the specific needs of your department.

Currently we offer 7 course:

  • 1-Day Basic Emergency Ultrasound Course
  • 2/3-Day Advanced Emergency Ultrasound Course
  • 2-Day Emergency Echocardiography Course
  • 1-Day Emergency Hepato-Biliary and Renal Ultrasound Course
  • 1-Day Emergency Vascular Course
  • 1-Day Emergency Gynaecological Ultrasound Course
  • 1/2-Day Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access Course


We are also developing 4 additional 1-Day Advanced Course to respond to the increasing demand of the expanding role of focused ultrasound in emergency medicine.

The contents of the above courses can be modified or mixed to meet the specific needs of your own department. Contact us on for further details

All our courses emphasize small group practical workshops where you will have the opportunity to develop and practice appropriate scanning techniques.

In addition all our courses are supported by a comprehensive course manual that provides material that complements and supplements the contents of the course