Emergency Echocardiography

This is a 2-Day Introductory Course in Echocardiography for emergency and critical care physicians with an emphasis on the role of focused echocardiography in the acute setting. Day 1 introduces the standard echocardiographic windows and cardiac anatomy with a focus on the assessment of left ventricular and valvular function. Day 2 covers the assessment of pericardial effusions and the echocardiographic features of tamponade and the assessment of right ventricular function specifically looking at the features of acute right ventricular pressure overload in the setting of pulmonary embolus.

The practical sessions involve learning the standard echocardiographic views in healthy volunteers and the assessment of left ventricular and valvular dysfunction in patient volunteers. We attempt to have a patient with a pericardial effusion for these sessions but this cannot always be guaranteed being subject to suitable patient availability.

The course ends on Day 2 with a series of short lectures putting the content of the course into practical clinical context focusing on the use of echo in the assessment of undifferentiated shock.

  2-Day Course  
  Day 1  
  Introduction to Emergency Echocardiography  
  Cardiac Anatomy and Standard Echocardiographic Views  
  Assessment of Left Ventricular Function  
  Assessment of Valves  
  Practical Workshop  
  Day 2  
  Pericardial Effusions & Tamponade  
  Assessment of Right Ventricular Function & Pressure Overload  
  Practical Workshop  
  Practical Workshop  
  Assessment of Hypotension & Shock  
  Complications of Acute Myocardial Infarction  
  Echocardiography in Trauma  
  Course Review & Evaluation  

Cost:2-Day Course: $1350/person

(Group Rates Negotiable)