Diagnostic ultrasound is one of the most rapidly expanding branches of medicine. The increasing technological sophistication, portability and affordability of ultrasound machines has led to an increasing demand for ultrasound as a diagnostic tool to be devolved to the clinician managing the patient. This is no more so than in the critical care medical specialties where ultrasound has the potential of establishing a broad range of applications, and will likely become an expected standard of care and central to our practice.

Emed Ultrasound is an Australian based group that promotes and provides training in ultrasound and echocardiography to critical care medical specialties including emergency medicine, intensive care medicine, acute medicine and surgery to meet the increasing demand for training in ultrasound by the critical care medical specialties.

We provide a series of tailor-made courses to be run in your own department. These programmes are designed and run by practising specialists in emergency medicine with formal training and nationally recognised qualifications in diagnostic ultrasound and echocardiography who are all using a wide range of diagnostic ultrasound in their day-to-day clinical practice. Through our consulting service we can offer a broad range benefits including the development of a specific emergency ultrasound training programme for your department, on-site consulting and training and imaging credentialing.

We have developed a broad range of introductory and advanced courses in emergency ultrasound which are modular in structure allowing a specific course programme to be developed for your department that reflects both your department's needs and current skill mix. Our Australian courses are designed to meet the requirements of the Certificate in Clinician Performed Ultrasound (CCPU) awarded by the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM) and the accreditation requirements for emergency ultrasound of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM).

All courses emphasize practical experience with approximately 50% of course time spent in small group ‘hands-on’ practical workshops.

We can also provide support to develop an on-going ultrasound training programme for your department including curriculum development and image credentialing, the structure of which will be specifically developed to meet your departments needs.